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Bear Taxidermy Mounts - Full Body, Shoulder, Rugs, Skulls

Full Size Bear Mounts! Standing Black Bear Mounts! Custom Habitats For All Species! Award Winning, Nationally Renowned!

Deer Taxidermy Mounts - Custom Mounts

10% Off Full Body Mounts! Call For Details

1 Year Or Less Average Turnaround

Professionally Trained & Licensed

Taxidermy For Sale - Made To Order

Buying Estates & Collections - Call For Details

Bear Taxidermy For Sale

Hunting with a guide or outfitter in the U.S., Canada, or abroad?Have your once in a lifetime trophy shipped directly to our taxidermy studio. You will be glad you did!

So what makes us so special?
One Word... 

Quality you will be proud to display for years to come. An enduring and eye catching display for your home or office that you can be proud of for a lifetime.

We also have Taxidermy For Sale
Don't have a mount? No Problem! 
Call Us With What You Are Looking For...

Check out one of our Life Size Bear Taxidermy Mounts! Grizzly bear taxidermy mounts with natural habitats, and custom bases.

Taxidermy PA, Pennsylvania Taxidermist, Bear Taxidermy,Phone570-345-3030, Bear Taxidermist, Standing Black Bear Mounts, Life Size Bear Taxidermy Mounts, Grizzly Bear Mounts

Bear Taxidermy, Bear Taxidermist, Pennsylvania Bear Taxidermist, Standing Black Bear Mounts, Grizzly Mounts, Phone570-345-3030, Full Size Bear Mounts! Standing Black Bear Mounts!

Bear Taxidermy

We specialize in Custom Full Size Bear Mounts, Standing Black Bear Mounts, Taxidermy Mounts and Custom Habitats.

Planning on hunting Canada or other areas? Have your Trophy Bear shipped to us by your outfitter, you will be glad you did! 

We use advanced taxidermy techniques including carcass casting and other methods of custom form taxidermy that allows you to choose any pose you want for your trophy Bear, Deer, Elk, Fish, Turkey or other wildlife taxidermy mount .

Look over our bear taxidermy page and see the difference a fully trained bear taxidermist can make.

Standing Bear Mounts - Grizzly Bear Mounts - Black Bear Mounts - Bear Shoulder Mounts

Bear Taxidermy By Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio - Pine Grove PA. 570-345-3030 Grizzly Bear Taxidermy Mount by Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio - Pine Grove PA. 570-345-3030

Brown Bear Taxidermy creates some of the finest life like taxidermy mounts found anywhere. We are full body mount specialists and award winning custom habitat specialists.

Brown Bear Taxidermy specializes in custom taxidermy mounts including custom cast and custom form taxidermy. 

We specialize in full body mounts, life size bear mounts, deer mounts, predator, African  taxidermy, shoulder mounts, pedestal mounts, custom habitats, custom bear taxidermy, deer taxidermy as well as other custom specialty mounts for all species.

Bear Taxidermy Pennsylvania - Brown Bear Taxidermy Continues To Be A Major Leader In Full Size, Life Size, Full Body Black Bear Mounts, Black Bear Half Mounts. Black Bear Taxidermy Mounts
Bear Taxidermy Mount Specialists -
Brown Bear Taxidermy has been creating bear taxidermy mounts in custom habitats for decades, Fully licensed and insured, constant training, innovations, new materials, the latest techniques, all come together to create the most breath taking taxidermy mounts found anywhere.

Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio Continues To Be A Major Leader In Full Size, Life Size, Full Body Black Bear Mounts, Black Bear Half Mounts.

Museum, Club, or Corporate Bears Custom Mounted To Your Specs For Sale. We have access to anything needed for your custom mount. Call to discuss. 


Deer Taxidermy
Deer Taxidermy Mounts that have the look your buck had ghosting through the forest!

Whitetail or Mule Deer Mounts or any other deer, a quality deer taxidermy mount is a work of art that you will be proud to display to friends and family!

At Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio's we are a more than just an ordinary taxidermist. We offer so much more of a quality deer taxidermy mount than a regular production oriented taxidermist studio, and it shows!

Home, Office or Corporate Lobby, we have the mount for you!

We offer a quality deer taxidermy mounts that will look great for many years to come. We use advanced taxidermist techniques that eliminate loss of hair and other problems that can happen with lesser quality taxidermy mounts.

Deer Taxidermy PA, Deer Taxidermist PA., Pennsylvania Taxidermist, Phone570-345-3030, Whitetail Deer Mounts, Pedastal Deer Mounts, Custom Taxidermy

Elk Taxidermy, Elk Taxidermist, Bull Elk Mounts, Pennsylvania Taxidermist, Full Body Elk Mounts, Bugling Bull Mounts, More!

Elk Taxidermy

You have a once in a lifetime trophy Elk! Congratulations!
Now are you going to make the mistake of a lifetime?

Don't trust your Trophy Elk taxidermy mount to just any taxidermist just because they may be a few bucks cheaper, the guide, a friend, brother etc. will give you a deal, or "a buddy recommended a guy".

Get it done right the first time and have the peace of mind and satisfaction our customers have from our work for many years to come!

Sheep Taxidermy & Moose Taxidermy

Stone Sheep, Dall Sheep, Desert Rams
Shira Moose, Alaskan Moose & All Sub-Species

Sheep and moose hunting is one the biggest challenges in all of hunting. Just drawing a tag is often a once in a lifetime shot. 

After all you put into your hunt, you want to be sure your trophy is going to be done right and look as good as it did the day it was first mounted.

Choose Brown Bear Taxidermy
Bring Back The Thrill Of The Hunt!

Pennsylvania Taxidermist, Sheep Taxidermy, Sheep Taxidermist, Moose Taxidermy, Moose Taxidermist

African Taxidermy Mounts Taxidermist Pennsylvania Brown Bear Taxidermy, Cape Buffalo Mounts, Kudu Mounts, Gemsbok Mounts, Wildebeest Mounts African Taxidermy

Greater Kudu Mounts - Blesbok Mounts - Gemsbok Mount - Wildebeest Mounts

Brown Bear Taxidermy has extensive training in African taxidermy, the kind of experience you can trust with your once in a lifetime trophies.

Africa is on every hunters dream hunt list, but very few hunter's done list. The land, the country, they say you will never forget her. African Taxidermy does just that, taking you back in your mind and dreams to what is often your once in a lifetime adventure on this magical continent.

African Pedestal Mounts to Shoulder Mounts, Full Size Custom Taxidermy Habitats, Brown Bear has the decades of hands on custom habitat creation experience resulting in mounts that you will be proud to display to friends, family and generations to come. - Our African Taxidermy Mounts By Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio Pennsylvania
Predator Taxidermy, Wolf Taxidermist, Coyote Taxidermy, Fox Taxidermy, Bobcat Lynx Taxidermy Predator Taxidermy
Fox Taxidermy, Wolf Taxidermy mounts, Lynx Taxidermy, 
Bobcat Taxidermy, Coyote Taxidermy & More!

We are fully trained in all of the latest predator taxidermy techniques and our results speak for themselves. 

If you want that trophy of a lifetime to look like the moment you harvested it and stay that way for years to come, go with a true quality oriented Pennsylvania taxidermist.

Antelope Taxidermy & Caribou Taxidermy

Brown Bear Taxidermy creates some of the finest life- like antelope and caribou taxidermy mounts found anywhere. 

Antelope & Caribou Taxidermy with a 1 year or less turn around time.

We maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate. 

Antelope and Caribou Taxidermists - Professionally and expertly trained by some of the top names in the industry in Antelope taxidermy and we are fully licensed.

Antelope Taxidermy PA, Caribou Taxidermy Pennsylvania

Fish Taxidermy

The drag screams then you get a glimpse of him, your hands and knees shake, "Please Lord let me land him"!

You fished a lifetime to finally catch that once in a lifetime trophy fish! 
Now choose a taxidermist that will keep your trophy looking like the moment you netted it for a long time to come!

Bass Taxidermy, Salmon Steelhead Taxidermy, Walleye Mounts, Coffee Table Fish Taxidermy Mount

fish taxidermy, fish taxidermist, fish mounting

Turkey Taxidermy, Turkey Taxidermist, Full Body Turkey Mounts, Strutting Turkey Mounts, Turkey Taxidermy Specialist Turkey Taxidermy

We can forever freeze in time that moment when that prize gobbler came into view and strutted into range. 

Choose a full strut mount, fan mount or other pose, either way, your quality turkey taxidermy mount will give you a sense of pride and bring back many great memories for years to come. 

They really look great in the home, den or office. The quality is what makes the difference.

Waterfowl Taxidermist In Pennsylvania Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio Waterfowl & Upland Game Taxidermy
Duck & Pheasant Taxidermy, Wood Duck & Teal Taxidermy, Grouse Taxidermy & More!

The first streaks of gray light, the whistle of wings, they commit to the decoy spread,,, Take Em'!

You swore you were ready for the flush but it still puts your heart in your throat when they explode from under your feet, and you wouldn't have it any other way!

We capture those magic moments in our taxidermy mounts.

Custom Waterfowl Taxidermy Mounts You Will Be Proud To Display In A Prominent Place In Home Or Office.

We are fully trained in all of the latest waterfowl and upland bird taxidermy techniques and our results speak for themselves.

Small Animal Taxidermy Pennsylvania Taxidermy Studio

Small Animal Taxidermy

Raccoon taxidermy mounts in any pose with custom habitats.

Beaver mounts, beaver mounted in life like poses, chewing wood, faux water and even real natural trees used in our custom mounts.

Although usually listed in our predator taxidermy we also have several images of bobcat and fox taxidermy mounts as well.

Racoon Mounts - Fisher Mounts - Mink Mounts

What exactly Is Taxidermy? 
Taxidermy is actually the preservation of an animal's body by mounting for reasons of display or to use in studying. Taxidermy mounted animals are usually, but not at all times, made to look they were actually alive, such as in a custom habitat.. Taxidermy, the word itself means the preserving of an animal. However, taxidermy as a word in and of itself is often substituted for or the end product if you will is often called a "mount". From ancient Greek it actually means to "arrange skin" as odd as that may sound.

Typically mammals, birds, fish, even reptiles sometimes even other variations are made. Ever hear of a jackalope? No? Because there really is no such thing. The taxidermist can take liberty or creative license if you will, with a mount. If you can imagine it, people have probably tried creating such a custom mount, crossing various animals, or posing them in a human type pose with hats or clothes. Really it is up to ones imagination really.

Taxidermy mounts of larger animals such as bear taxidermy, deer taxidermy or other mammals is usually the most prevalent form of taxidermist mounts. These are usually used as a reminder of more than just the taking of an animals life. One would have to understand it is to even actually honor the animal in the eyes of hunter or fisherman. More of paying homage or a tribute but also to capture the moment, the entire trip, often generating stories that are cherished and passed down from generation to generation.

Taxidermy can take more than just a trophy form. Taxidermy mounts are often used in museums such as natural history museums. Often this is the only way a person may see what an animal from another part of the world looks like in person, outside of a zoo of coarse.

A professionally trained and licensed practice of taxidermy is called a taxidermist. Typically a taxidermist builds his business over a long period of time as he/she perfect the craft, they gain more and more recognition on the field and build returning customers. Hence quality is of utmost importance. 

Brown Bear Taxidermy has been mounting for many decades. The owner, Mike Brown, continues to train on a constant basis as new methods, forms, materials, and of coarse as his skills continue to become even greater. Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio in Pine Grove, PA. has a beautiful taxidermy studio with many mounts on display.

Contact us with what you have in mind.

Thank You


Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio
289 Pleasant Valley Road
Pine Grove, Pa. 17963

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