Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio
289 Pleasant Valley Road (Rte 443)
Pine Grove, Pa. 17963

25 Minutes From Cabela's Hamburg, PA.
Just Off 78 Or 81 In Pine Grove, PA.
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Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio


Bird - Upland Game - Waterfowl Taxidermy - Duck Taxidermy - Pheasant - Grouse - Flying Taxidermy Mounts

Brown Bear Taxidermy Studio creates some of the finest life like upland bird and waterfowl taxidermy mounts found anywhere. We maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate.


Waterfowl Taxidermy - Duck Taxidermy Mounts

Flying Duck Mounts, Duck Pedestal Mounts, Wood Duck Mounts, Standing Duck Mounts, Goose Mounts, Diver Duck Mounts, Mallard Duck Mounts, Flying Teal Mounts, Just About Any Duck Mount Imaginable.

Wood Duck Mounts, Wood Duck Taxidermy,Wood Duck Mount Ideas

Wood Duck Taxidermy Mount, Male Wood Duck Mount

Duck Taxidermy by a trained professional makes all the difference!
Capture the moment the flock came in, relive the moment forever. That is what high quality taxidermy is all about!

Professionally and expertly trained by some of the top names in the taxidermy industry and we are fully licensed.

Brown Bear Taxidermy creates the perfect Bird - Upland Game and Waterfowl Taxidermy mounts the first time, every time, delivering a quality mount you can be proud to show off in your home or office for many years to come.


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